High Priestess of Me (marysiak) wrote in nadobra,
High Priestess of Me


Welcome to the NaDobra events livejournal. This journal is for discussion of the upcoming Return of the Convention and for those who are going to get to know each other.
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I was thinking about going, though I think I may leave it till it's closer to the time..
Is this con more book orientated, or film orientated?
We're hoping to try and get a balance of both although I think with the Tolkien Society having had established book only events for years people from that side of things are more inclined to go to those. On the Friday afternoon we are having a "party" that will consist of inviting people to have tea and sit about reading their favourite parts of the books to each other and explaining why they love that part so much. We do plan to have workshops on things like costume design and languages and hopefully a debate on the pros and cons of the movie v the books. There will also be role playing stuff and a lot of fans of the film and guests from the film. A lot of the finished schedule will be influenced by what the attendees show the most interest in during the planning process.
That sounds a really good idea! And as it's so close I could go with some of my friends instead of having to go alone..
And the roleplaying idea sounds brilliant! I'd really love to do that..
Yeah, we have some people that are very into the RPG side of things and are willing to do some workshops on how to run and play in LotR RPG's.