Valda (justinetre) wrote in nadobra,

Changes in event/prices

NaDobra have announced some changes in events/pricing for RotCon

Due to lack of interest we are cancelling the Gala dinner on Friday night and shrinking the event down to Saturday and Sunday only.

To reflect this and also the fact that NaDobra have not recieved much interest from the bigger cast members they have reduced registration prices. People who have registered at higher prices will be refunded the excess by the 11th of March, and NaDobra hope they will bear with them until then.

The new prices are as follows...
Adult Sat-Sun: £60 (inc Sat night buffet worth £10)
Child Sat-Sun: £50 (inc Sat night buffet worth £10)
Adult Sat only: £40 (inc Sat night buffet worth £10)
Child Sat only: £30 (inc Sat night buffet worth £10)
Adult Sun only: £30
Child Sun only: £20

Child tickets are for ages 7-12, under 7's may enter free but must sit on their parents laps. Under 15's must be accompanied by an adult.
NaDobra have said that they hope to announce another guest soon but would like to make sure everyone realises that we only intend to have 1-2 more guests for the event as this was never intended to be a large scale event.
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