Valda (justinetre) wrote in nadobra,

Jed Brophy announced!

NaDobra have announced that actor and stuntman Jed Brophy will be attending Return of the Convention.

Jed Brophy has been a constant presence in the work of director Peter Jackson from his lowly beginnings in Braindead ("Void") through Heavenly Creatures ("John") to Lord of the Rings ("Black Rider", "Sharku" and "Snaga") and on into the future with King Kong. You may remember him as the orc (Sharku) that got Aragorn dropped over a cliff in The Two Towers or the one that suggested eating Merry and Pippin (Snaga). Jed's son played Aragorn and Arwen's child Eldarion.

Jed began his professional acting career playing the character of Dr. Jack Galloway on soap Shortland Street and also played Ramius in Xena: Warrior Princess. He is currently working on adapting a screenplay based on a book and spending time with his two children and the Rohan horse he purchased after riding it in The Return of the King.

Jed will be available for autographs to all attendees and will be giving a presentation and attending the Reading Day gala dinner. To be in with a chance to sit at his table buy your gala dinner ticket NOW.

NaDobra are also offering a stunt workshop with Jed to a limited number of people. Further details on how to apply for this opportunity will be released soon. To apply for workshops you must be fully registered for the event.
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