Valda (justinetre) wrote in nadobra,

NaDobra announces LANISTA to attend con

NaDobra has announced that LANISTA Ancient Warfare Academy ( will be at the Return Of The Convention in Bristol in March.

They will be running Practical Sword and Practical Shield Wall workshops over the weekend. Spaces in these workshops will be limited and NaDobra will be accepting applications to take part in them immediately from fully registered attendees. To request attendance at one or both of these please email NaDobra at with your registration number.

The Practical Sword Workshop lasts approximately 40 minutes and will include the examination and exercise of the three predominant sword types used in Tolkien, that is, the Double-Handed War Sword, the Saxon Fuller-Blade Sword and the smaller Leaf-Blade Sword.

The Practical Shield-wall Workshop lasts about 25 minutes.

LANISTA will also be giving a talk entitled "In the Search of Eowyn: Shieldmaiden of Rohan".
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